Multibit Classic: How to Resolve MD5 Flag Error Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide How to Fix MD5 Flag Error and Decrypt multibit.key File

Multibit Classic
3 min readMar 26, 2024
multibit classic key file during decrypting

What is Multibit Classic MD5 Flag Error?

Encountering errors during cryptographic operations can be frustrating, especially when dealing with valuable data like cryptocurrency wallets. One such issue is the “MultiBit Classic MD5 Flag error,” which users face when trying to decrypt or work with MultiBit Classic wallet files. This tutorial aims to provide a clear and detailed solution to this problem, drawing from valuable insights shared on platforms like GitHub and from users’ experiences.

Understanding the Multibit Classic MD5 Flag Error

MultiBit Classic was a popular Bitcoin wallet that allowed users to manage their cryptocurrency securely. However, users migrating to newer wallets like Electrum might encounter issues importing their MultiBit Classic keys due to encryption methods and compatibility issues.

A common error arises when attempting to decrypt the `.key` file from MultiBit Classic, which might result in a “bad decrypt” error message. This problem is often due to the use of deprecated key derivation by OpenSSL, a tool used for encryption and decryption processes.

Prep before you start

Before proceeding with the solution, ensure you have the following:

1. The `multibit.key` file: Your encrypted wallet key file.
2. Password: The password for your `multibit.key` file.
3. OpenSSL installed: Ensure you have OpenSSL installed on your computer. OpenSSL is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Step-by-Step Multibit Classic MD5 Flag Error Tutorial

Step 1: Open Your Command Line Interface

Open your command line interface (CLI):
- On Windows, search for Command Prompt and open it.
- On macOS or Linux, open the Terminal.

Step 2: Navigate to the File Location

Use the `cd` command to navigate to the directory containing your `multibit.key` file. For example:

cd path/to/your/multibitkey

Replace `path/to/your/multibitkey` with the actual path where your `multibit.key` file is located.

Step 3: Decrypting the `.key` File

Enter the following command to decrypt your `multibit.key` file:

openssl enc -d -p -aes-256-cbc -md md5 -a -in multibit.key -out key.txt -pass pass:yourPassword

Replace `yourPassword` with the actual password for your `multibit.key` file. This command specifies `-md md5` to use MD5 for the message digest, addressing the version compatibility issue.

Understanding the Command

- `openssl`: Invokes the OpenSSL tool.
- `enc`: Specifies the encryption/decryption command.
- `-d`: Instructs OpenSSL to decrypt the data.
- `-p`: Prints the salt, key, and IV used during the process.
- `-aes-256-cbc`: Specifies the encryption algorithm.
- `-md md5`: Uses MD5 for the message digest, resolving the compatibility issue.
- `-a`: Indicates that the input is Base64 encoded.
- `-in multibit.key`: Specifies the input file.
- `-out key.txt`: Specifies the output file for the decrypted key.
- `-pass pass:yourPassword`: Provides the password for decryption.

Step 4: Importing the Decrypted Key

After successful decryption, you will have the private key in `key.txt`. You can now import this key into your new wallet, such as Electrum, to access your funds.

Summary: Multibit Classic Decrypted

This guide has walked you through resolving the “MultiBit Classic MD5 Flag error,” enabling you to decrypt your MultiBit Classic wallet’s `.key` file for migration to newer wallets. It’s a clear example of how understanding and applying specific cryptographic parameters can overcome compatibility issues during wallet migration. Always ensure the safety and backup of your keys before proceeding with such operations.

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